Un programa de prueba para Windows‚ por Connectedtext

ConnectedText es una aplicación popular y de prueba para Windows creada por Connectedtext. Ver descripción completa

ConnectedText es una aplicación popular y de prueba para Windows creada por Connectedtext.

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Respecto a ConnectedText, es una aplicación que requiere menos espacio disponible como la media de las aplicaciones de su categoría.Este programa está optimizada para dispositivos con S.O. Windows 98 o posterior, también disponible en Inglés, Portugués (Br), and Alemán. La última versión del programa es y la última actualización fue en 19/06/2012.Desde que añadimos la aplicación a nuestro catálogo en 2012, ya tiene 769 descargas, y durante la última semana alcanzó 0 descargas.

With ConnectedText you can store ideas, pieces of information found in the Web, thoughts, code snippets, recipes, lists, linking them with ease. Like a notebook in which any topic can be linked to any other.

ConnectedText is more than a personal information system, it is a workpad for ideas and thoughts. With its available tools navigating between topics is a breeze. With the tremendous quantity of information available nowadays, a tool like ConnectedText is important and necessary. With it you can collect all relevant information you find, organize and link them.

Working in ConnectedText is a joyful experience. No need to learn difficult commands or formatting options. No HTML tags. Just type your text using simple rules in the true wiki way. All text are rendered using cascading style sheets (CSS) that can be changed any time. You can even create your own styles. And with the Navigator, you can see what are the relationship between topics in graphical way, which gives a global view of information.

Every revision of a topic you make are stored, so you can trace back your changes, allowing you to see how your work evolved. You can even compare any two revisions to see what changed between them. A complete diff tool is included




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